Wedding Details

It's all in the details.

Why do engaged couples obsess over details? What might seem inconsequential to some is, in actuality, an important statement. Your wedding day is how you express yourself. It's the beginning of your story and the details set the tone for the day. Together, and for the first time as a joined unit, you are telling the world who are, what you love, and what you believe in.

Are you soft and romantic, or bold and dramatic? Do you love a rustic Wisconsin setting or do you prefer the modern urban backdrop of Milwaukee? Do you love art? Maybe the Milwaukee Art Museum is the backdrop you select.

From venues to flowers to desserts, each detail is a choice of personal expression. As individuals, we are unique. But when we join with another person for life, our identity shifts and we incorporate things our spouse loves into our message. It's the first story you tell the world, in a long line of stories that will follow in the years to come. That's why wedding details are important!

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Wedding Details

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