The Basilica of St Josaphat Wedding

The Basilica of St Josaphat Wedding

Couples wanting to marry at the Basilica must contact the office at least six months prior to the intended day of the wedding. At least one of the individuals must be Catholic and both must be free to marry in the Church. In order to qualify for the parishioner rate, at least one of the parties should be a registered and active member of the basilica parish in his/her own name for at least six months before requesting the date.

The Basilica of St. Josaphat Wedding

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Through the love you have for one another, you have made the mature decision to become husband and wife and to raise a Christian family.

Marriage is a sacrament, a sacred action by which a man and a woman are joined to each other in Christ. That union stands against all earthly powers or deterrents as a

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The Conventual Franciscans and the pastoral staff at the Basilica of Saint Josaphat want your wedding day to be an important, prayerful and memorable day. To accomplish, we offer these policies and procedures. Please follow them carefully in your planning so that your wedding and the dig- ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

We wish you many blessings. May the Lord truly be the strength, support and love that binds your life together.

The Basilica of St. Josaphat Wedding

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The Archdiocese of Milwaukee requires all couples entering marriage to participate in an instructional process. The pastoral staff at the Basilica offers the following policies for marriage preparation:

  • Six months before the wedding, it is the responsibility of the Bride and Groom to initiate the marriage preparation process.
  • Basilica Wedding Policies & Procedures reviewed prior to the taking of the FOCCUS Inventory.
  • FOCCUS—Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding, and Study—a

    comprehensive questionnaire completed by the engaged couple. A follow-up meeting to discuss

    responses is held with a married couple that is part of the marriage preparation staff.

  • Engaged Enrichment Program sponsored by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Prompt registration

    and completion of this is expected. Visit or see the enclosed brochure

    for more details. A certificate of completion must be to given to the Basilica Parish Office.

  • Music consultation session with the Basilica Director of Music. This consultation may also be

    done by telephone/email.

  • Meetings with a priest from the Basilica to facilitate the process of clarification and discernment

    in preparing for marriage. Forms will be completed as set forth by Canon Law and the

    Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

  • Preparation of the wedding liturgy with the officiant of the Nuptial Mass/Wedding Ceremony.
  • Parishioners are expected to attend Mass on a regular basis, be actively involved, and show

    regular support of the parish community.

  • Couples living outside of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, or those not registered at the Basilica,

    must have their marriage preparation and all paperwork completed at the parish church where they are registered.

    Required Documents

    For Catholics

  • Letter of permission from the pastor of either the Bride or Groom, if neither is a registered parishioner of the Basilica Parish.
  • Baptismal Certificate from the church of Baptism issued within six months of the wedding date.
  • Proof of freedom to marry may be required.

    For Non-Catholics

  • Baptismal Certificate from the church where Baptism took place.
  • A dispensation from the Archdiocese is needed for a Catholic to marry a non-baptized person.
  • Proof of freedom to marry may be required.

    For Those Previously Married

  • Death Certificate, if a former spouse is deceased.
  • Official Decree and Letter from a Diocesan Marriage Tribunal, if a Church annulment was

    granted regarding a previous union.

  • Civil Marriage Certificate and Divorce Decree for all previous unions.

    For Those Seeking to Sacramentalize an Existing Civil Union

• Civil Marriage Certificate.


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