Oconomowoc Lake Club Wedding

Oconomowoc Lake Club Wedding

Oconomowoc Lake Club Wedding – The Oconomowoc Lake Club is one of the most elegant locations for weddings and events in the Lake Community. Our stunning Grand Ball Room accommodates every kind of celebration, from marriage ceremonies to fun-filled birthday parties; The OLC is the perfect choice for a perfect day.

Whether you picture an intimate party in a contemporary space or a lake country rehearsal dinner, The OLC offers the finest selection of options.  There is nothing quite as inviting or picturesque as our main dining room – The Commodore – with its rich appointments and spectacular view.  It is truly a setting to remember.

Oconomowoc Lake Club Wedding

An experienced team of banqueting designers and florists, as well as our Executive Chef and Sommelier, ensure your event is just as you imagined; Our attentive yet unobtrusive staff provides flawless service.  With your date booked, Wedding Coordinator Sue White will begin your journey to creating the wedding celebration you have always imagined. Let us make your dream a reality as we create memories for a lifetime.  Call us today for a tour or to book your date: 1-262-567-4934.

Events for all ages are also welcomed at the OLC. Birthday parties, bar mitzvahs and more can be held in our beautiful spaces, which we will decorate to reflect the spirit you wish to capture. Rest easy knowing our high standards will be applied when planning your event, resulting in the finest food, décor and other highlights for the enjoyment of your guests.

Oconomowoc Lake Club Wedding


The Oconomowoc Lake Club, organized in 1890, was founded, in part, as an improvement association in order that certain lake levels and inter-lake traffic might be maintained and facilitated.

A lock was proposed to control the level of the Lake where it flowed out to the Oconomowoc River. The Oconomowoc Lake Club installed the Danforth Lock, thereby solving the problems of lake levels, and to help with mosquito and malaria control. A U.S. Mail boat then was able to enter the Lake through the lock from Oconomowoc. The mail boat stopped at piers around the Lake to deliver mail twice a day, as well as groceries ordered from Vromans! The lock is now cemented shut, but there is a dam that is operated regularly to manage water levels on Oconomowoc Lake.

The history of the Oconomowoc Lake Club is inextricably tied to the history of the Villa Gifford (known as the Gifford Hotel in the 1800’s).  Originally a residential home, the geniality of Mr. George P. Gifford, coupled with the imposing site and recreational attributes of Oconomowoc Lake, resulted in Mr. Gifford’s friends enjoying his food, weekend lodging and recreational activities.

Oconomowoc Lake Club Wedding

In the late 1860’s, Mr. Gifford opened his home to selected guests, and over the years added to the home’s physical structure to create an imposing and elegantly simple Hotel. The Hotel predated the founding of the OLC, and the first 19 years of the Ocnomowoc Lake Club meetings and activities occurred at the Gifford Hotel, which was located just west of the present Oconomowoc Lake Club.

A new club house was completed in the summer of 1909, and proudly served its members until on December 17, 1994, a fire claimed the “Grand Lady” after 94 years. After much negotiating with State and local authorities, the Oconomowoc Lake Club was rebuilt and on April 27, 1996, celebrated its Grand Opening just nine months after ground was broken. The Oconomowoc Lake Club emerged stronger, better and with a renewed spirit, to enable it to meet the needs of its members and the surrounding community for the next 100 years.


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