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You know that guy who is a relentless perfectionist and a total smart ass?
That is Neil.

His work is dramatic and full of emotion.
But he balances that with a sense of humor that makes him fast friends with his couples.

Neil has been shooting weddings for over 21 years. He is one of the owners and co-founders of Front Room. His vision, passion and excitement for his work are legendary.

Neil is a foodie. Give him a great chef, a glass of good bourbon, and his family by his side (his twin girls have inherited his love for good food) and he will be nothing but smiles.


About Us

Neil's Top 20

Fun Facts

Most beautiful place you've ever been?
Ireland or Bali, totally different but both so awesome

Proudest moment?
Kids birth. They are my best achievement. Every moment I get to be with them trumps the last. Sorry for being so sappy.

Adult beverage of choice?
Grey Goose and Soda with a lime or Scotch

What is the secret to a good life?
Smiling, hard to go wrong when you are happy

One thing you wanted as a kid, but never got?
To fly in space.

If you had an enormous yacht, what would you name it?
SS Goodie Two-Shoes...really Smiles

Junk food of choice?
Lifesaver Gummies, Vanilla Wafers

Which TV family would you most like to be a member of?
I Dream of Genie


What kind of people are most attracted to your work?
Passionate, looking to maximize every moment of life

Where do you get inspiration from?
The Challenge

What is one thing you like every bride & groom to know before their wedding?
It is as cool as you make it, take time to enjoy so it can be everything you want.

Before picking a photographer, I'd suggest...
If you can hang out with them, for a cup of coffee or a cocktail, then hire them. A photographer whose personality you like can make your day a whole lot of fun.

About Us

From Neil:

Seems my life has been a series of happy accidents. I moved to MKE to be closer with my family, met a friend and fell in love. Now we are married and have two kids, we lived in a classic Bay View bungalow and now we are East-Siders.

Growing up, I had the honor of attending Gonzaga College High School in Washington DC and from those days, I’ve kept the motto “a man for others”.

My intention was to be a mad scientist or an astronaut. I ended up in a lab and realized how I missed being with people. I fell into photography and realized that with science to guide me and love to inspire me, I could do something special.


I believe in giving back to my community. I serve the United Way of Greater Milwaukee, American Red Cross, MS Society of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Art Museum whenever I get the chance. Think global but act local!

I love love.

I love food, music, dancing, science and people.

I have an issue with sweets, I just love them too much. Gummi bears to chocolate, love them all.

I am surrounded by a great team, which allows me to go out and be part of the most amazing experiences in people’s lives.


Smiles, not because I hope to meet and photograph you; but a simple smile can make any day an amazing day.

About Us

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