Lidia Sharapova

An eternal optimist, Lidia explores, plays and laughs with gusto.

Her clients love her raw excitement for photography, passion for storytelling, and the international lens through which she views life.

She will do whatever is necessary to get the shot - especially if it requires her to boogie on the dance floor.


Lidia is naturally curious which lends her to being a great world traveller. Her story begins in Russia where her wanderlust led her all over Europe (where she had her own wedding in July 2017) and love finally landed her in Wisconsin. Even with an impressive travel history, we adore her enthusiasm for the beauty and inspiration she finds everywhere she goes.


On wedding day, Lidia is set for adventure. She jumps in to capture emotion, passion, and love stories of her clients that she proudly calls friends (all in her beautiful Russian accent of course!).

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Fun Facts

Most beautiful place you've ever been?
Istanbul. The place where Europe meets Asia - the only city on Earth that spans two continents. Surrounded by two seas, it is breathtakingly beautiful, amazingly fragrant, outrageously delicious and very hospitable.

Proudest moment?
The moment I was invited to the Eddie Adams photojournalism workshop family.

Adult beverage of choice?
Good old German lager beer. Shaken, not stirred. LOL

What is the secret to a good life?
A soulmate as a roommate

If you had an enormous yacht, what would you name it?
Freddy Mercury. Something that big in my life has to have his name.

Best concert you've evern been to?
Toss up between Motorhead at Olympic Stadium in Rome, Robert Plant in Budapest and Steven Wilson in Madison.

Junk food of choice?
Russian crepes with red caviar. Luckily, it's a bit expensive. That's why I'm not as big as I could easily have become.


Which TV family would you most like to be a member of?
Sherlock BBC. But it's impossible because John Watson is already taken and Sherlock Holmes is a complete sociopath.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
It's in the air. I mean it! Anyting can get me going, it's so beautiful here in Wisconsin!



What is one thing you like every bride & groom to know before their wedding?
It's YOUR big day. Plan it the way YOU like. And when it comes, relax and enjoy. And if something goes not the way you wanted, have a glass of champagne, kiss your partner and have a good laugh with friends.




Before picking a photographer, I'd suggest...
See if you like their portfolio. If yes, grab a cup of coffee or tea with them. Tell them your story, see if they laugh (or cry - who knows!) at the same moments you do. If they are, hire them!

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About Us

From Lidia:


I like to travel, make photos and laugh. These three things I do very well.

I will dance taking pictures at your disco party. But that's something that I can't brag about. It just happens unintentionally, especially if Michael Jackson starts playing.

I think the good photograph is the one that tells the story without captions.


I love life, people and dogs.


My hair is red sometimes and my accent is Russian always.

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