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Mandie is a ray of light, a ball of energy and a passionate believer in marriage, friendship, and stories of true love.


Her enthusiasm for her work and her couples is nothing short of inspiring. That, added to an extensive photography background and sense of humor (she will tell you she is bascially a professional wedding crasher and loves it!) we knew we had to have her on our team!


Based out of Madison, she, her hubby and son live happily with their pug babies, George & Eve. (Who they spoil to no end. Homecooked meals and "pugcation" to Door County are staples in their household.)


Their family went on a big adventure to bring home their very own ColombiSconnie when they adopted their son from Colombia in late 2018. She loves being a mama and is learning lots of Spanish.


Mandie's work features raw emotion that showcases the reality of a wedding day. From soft and quiet tears of joy to belly laughs, nostalgic reflection and romantic moments, her work encompasses all that makes a wedding day special.

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Fun Facts

Most beautiful place you've ever been?
Anywhere with rolling hills, ocean views, and beautiful towns makes my heart happy. But I probably have to choose Hawaii (where we went on our honeymoon) because a good sunset is one of my favorite things on Earth!

Proudest moment?
Easily the day I married my hubby. I'm grateful every day that he chose me as his companion. He challenges me and makes me smarter, he teaches me selfless generosity and he makes me laugh no matter where we're at on our journey.

Adult beverage of choice?
Pink champagne or a dirty martini

What is the secret to a good life?
My dad taught me this: NO REGRETS. Instead of focusing on the thing we wish we had done, we should instead look for the life lesson and take it to heart. Accept the present and move ahead as the better person we are for what we leared, and be grateful for the experiences we've accumulated: these are what make us who we are.

If you had an enormous yacht, what would you name it?
The Paradise :)


Junk food of choice?
Good old Wisconsin cheese curds! Fried, of course!

What kind of people are most attracted to your work?
The couples who value the sentimental, unposed moments. The brides who don't mind a photograph of themselves in the middle of an "ugly cry" or an all-out, tonsils showing, head-thrown-back laughter. The nostalgic ones who see black and white photographs as an art all their own. The artistic people who love bold color, strong lines and sophisticated architecture.

Where do you get inspiration from?
Romantic films, big cities, & art history were all important parts of my growing up process. I've been a hopeless romantic since the age of 8 when my cousin rented "The Princess Bride" for us to watch together. The energy and architecture of urban sprawls make places like NY, Chicago, Vancourver, Paris & Amsterdam feel like home. I loved studying master painters and the earliest photographic artists in college and still enjoy visiting art museums when possible.

Which TV family would you most like to be a member of?
The Star Trek Crew on Deep Space Nine!

What is one thing you like every bride & groom to know before their wedding?
Ensure you get enough time to spend together. It's easy to fill the day with required activities, but at the end of the day it is YOUR DAY TOGETHER. Make sure to set aside pockets of time for just the two of you. This is a great reason to send your wedding party away for your bride & groom portraits or to opt for a first look or sunset or late night photo session. I didn't do this and I feel like we barely got to enjoy a moment together until we collapsed exhausted into our hotel bed and fell asleep. If I could go back, I'd make sure we had "mini-dates" through the day, and I encourage my couples to do just that!

Before picking a photographer, I'd suggest...
imagine yourselves in their images. Look at the poses & moments they have captured. Does their style complement the vision you have for your wedding? Do their images feel comfortable & natural to you? Each photographers work will speak in a different way, and you will be happiest if you find someone whose work speaks a language you enjoy & relate to.

About Us

From Mandie:

I really, really love my job. I have studied and practiced photography for over 21 years, but weddings truly brought my love for image-making alive. I'm basically a professional wedding crasher. Sometimes I feel like I get to have way too much fun because I get to intimately experience the best parts of my couple's wedding days. I love that so much! The trust my brides & grooms place in me is humbling and I appreciate each and every unique day that I get to celebrate.

I'm a head-over-heels happily married girl myself. My hubby even picks up the camera now and then, but mostly he's a programmer and my own personal IT guy. I think his salt & pepper hair is handsome and I'm pretty sure he's made me smarter just by proximity! We have two pugs named George & Eve that we spoil to no end. No but really, they even get home cooked food and we take them on "pugcation" in Door County! Also, I'm a health and wellness advocate and love to inspire others to find their best selves.

I really believe that marriage is sacred and important, and I would love to celebrate yours with you. Love, Mandie

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